New Book in the Pipeline. 20 travel stories by the Raven Brothers. Publication date Oct 2019

A career in overland travel writing was launched when I drove a banger from the UK to Vladivostok at the dawn of a new millennium. Since becoming an established writer with the publication of Driving the Trans-Siberian I have co-written Carnival Express, Living the Linger and Black Sea Circuit.

In addition to my writing projects, I have also documented off the beaten track destinations including China’s deep south, tribal India, Crimea, Colombian’s Chocó region and the Balkan peninsula. I have just returned from my assignment to South America (Santiago, Chile/Buenos Aires, Argentina/Paraíba region, Brazil) Dec 2018-Jan 2019. In February I travel to India to continue my writing assignments.

My new book co-written with my brother is currently in the pipeline, and it will be published in October 2019. Celebrating 20 years of travel and adventure, we have hand-picked a collection of our most intriguing and challenging journeys from around the world. Our unique brand of humour, hilariously truthful observations and in-depth writing style will take the reader to Russia, Syria, Mexico, Georgia, Germany, Norway, Sicily, Los Angeles, Greece, India, Spain and the jungles of Peru.

I have been noted by Lonely Planet for my talent to portray an “accurate view of what to expect”.

Also, I have co-written two screenplays Reach and the black comedy Eddy Bunk.