“Up the Etna” New Book in the Pipeline for 2019. A collection of travel stories by the Raven Brothers.

A career in overland travel writing was launched when I drove a banger from the UK to Vladivostok at the dawn of a new millennium. Since becoming an established writer with the publication of Driving the Trans-Siberian I have co-written Carnival Express, Living the Linger and Black Sea Circuit.

In addition to my writing projects, I have also documented off the beaten track destinations including China’s deep south, tribal India, Crimea, Colombian’s Chocó region and the Balkan peninsula. Next assignment destination: South America (Santiago, Chile/Buenos Aires, Argentina/Paraíba region, Brazil) Dec 2018-Jan 2019.

My new book ‘Up the Etna’ is currently in the pipeline and it will be published in October 2019. Celebrating 15 years of travel and adventure, the book will comprise of a hand-picked collection of the Raven Brothers’ most intriguing and challenging journeys, with our unique brand of humour, hilariously truthful observations and in-depth writing style from countries as diverse as Russia, Syria, Mexico, Georgia, Germany, Norway, Sicily, Greece, India, Spain and the jungles of Peru.

I have been noted by Lonely Planet for my talent to portray an “accurate view of what to expect”.

Also,ave co-written two screenplays Reach and the black comedy Eddy Bunk.