A career in overland adventure travel writing was launched when Chris drove across Siberia from the UK to Vladivostok at the dawn of a new millennium. Becoming established as a travel writer with the publication of ‘Living the Linger’ (2005), ‘Driving the Trans-Siberian’ (2006) and Carnival Express (2008), Chris has since co-written his fourth book ‘Black Sea Circuit’ (2015). In addition to his work as a published author, Chris is known for driving a $500 Ford Escort to Damascus in Syria (2007), driving a tiny $300 Vauxhall hatch-back to the dark depths of the Arctic Circle in Norway, and has driven a rusty Rover (nearly) to the top of Mt Etna in Sicily. Chris has also documented off the beaten track destinations including China’s deep south, tribal India and the Balkan peninsula. He is currently co-writing his next book ‘Living the Linger 2’ set in Colombia (published in 2018) and has written numerous hilarious travel articles. The next one “Tequila Town” is coming soon! He has been noted by Lonely Planet for his talent to portray an “accurate view of what to expect”.

Chris has co-written two screenplays REACH and the black comedy EDDY BUNK